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To Us, Universal Flow represents the flow of the universe from oneness to all aspects of all things and back to oneness. It is similar to our breathing, the universe breaths out to create form and breaths form back into one.  All of our universe including us humans emanates from and returns to this source. Of course this is a conceptual model since there is no real space or time this is happening no where and every where at all times and without time. Since we have a limited perception and awareness of these multi-dimensions especially within the boundaries of our written language we do our best to construct an analogy of what is really occurring. Therefore, your best access to your truth is within you because this is where your individual being connects to all that is.

Our mission is to provide a means for people to connect with their true selves and their world. We are here to help you reunite with who and what you are, a vast expression of the one, all that is.

We are all connected, not just us humans but all things and beings are connected we are truly inseparable. The universe, the energy, the matter are all alive we all share the same source. We all are one.

If you resonate with these ideas please join us. We are here to help, to share, to collaborate. We provide one on one guidance, workshops, yoga classes, energy work, readings and inspirational articles. We are always interested in connecting with other seekers who are intent on reuniting/remembering.

Here at Universal Flow we are not concerned with telling you how to be you. If we can and you are wiling we are guided to help you remember who you really are and what you are capable of being. There is no single path, all individuals have their own journey and unique gifts/talents. We are honored and greatly enjoy helping you develop your personal universal connection and communication system.

If you go to our contact page you can call us, send us a note and join our email list. We are excited to share with you. We are open to discussing how we can help you on your path and how we can synchronize with the work you are doing now.


Your mind is very powerful! Nourish your mind. Train you mind. Let your mind be the beautiful tool it’s meant to be! Our practices can help you to clear and develop your thought process. Learning how to use your mind through various ancient techniques and disciplines  will allow for clarity and discernment in your choices. Relaxing and exercising the thoughts that you use can bring you more joy and less stress.


Your body is your sacred vessel. It is  your physical presence in space and time. Take good care of this body of yours. It truly is a gift! Become more aware of what your body needs from you. Learn what to feed your beautiful body. Learn how you can move your body and work your body to keep it healthy, light, and flowing. In doing so you will find greater ease into the universal flow.


Your spirit is the purest essence of your being. It is the all that is, pure potential of who you truly are. Your spirit is the portion of your being that will always exists. It is the all knowing part of you that has the universal wisdom to guide you in your personal expansion and evolution. The spiritual part of your existence is where you can draw strength and knowledge to bring all the parts of what is YOU together as one.


A few comments from people who’ve experienced our work

” Todd Cunningham is the real thing. It’s hard to filter through all the practitioners out there.
Todd really understands how healing works and how to facilitate it. He has access to information that most of us have not learned to access and he has a passion for his work that the rest of us only strive for. Todd has facilitated some of the biggest and deepest changes I have ever made, I am eternally grateful for that, and am excited for the work we still have ahead of us.”

Beth Sabo Novic

Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotist, Personal Trainer

Rachel  has a natural gift that runs deep when it comes to channeling and energy work, it is where she truly shines. I always get excited when I have the opportunity to work with her! The information that is imparted through Rachel is not only insightful, but can also be an unexpected surprise. She is my go to person when it comes to all things metaphysical and unseen. I deeply value her unique abilities and intuitive talents and trust in the experience.”

Andrea Lisette Villiere

Certified Sound Healing Practitioner

Todd is an extremely talented healer whom I would recommend to anyone. He has a very unique approach, the core of which employs the concept that true healing can only be done by the individual. As a facilitator of healing, Todd is highly intuitive, very patient, and most importantly extremely effective. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my sessions with him. Todd is a breed apart and if you are looking for true wellness and happiness, look no further! “

Jay Lins

VP, Sales & Marketing

What can we offer you?

We provide one on one private healing sessions, tailored to your individual goals and needs.

Rachel Provides Individual Yoga Instruction, Personal Intuitive Readings and Reiki

Todd Practices Intuitive Counseling and Energy Medicine, Energy Healing.

We Instruct workshops and classes designed to help you integrate your physical mental and spiritual well-being with your everyday life.

Need advice?

We write articles and create video blogs so you can learn at your own pace.

Let us help you connect with your source

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