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What We Can Do For You

The highest service we can provide is to help you experience your truth – what you seek already exists within you.

Your inner landscape contains all your abilities to heal, to create, to love and to connect with yourself, your family and your world.

Our Services

We will help you learn to go within yourself and connect to your inner truth.
The techniques to achieve this are vast and ultimately dependent on what resonates with you.

Here are Some of Our Favorite Practices.

Private Sessions

Todd Offers:
 Intuitive Energy Medicine &
Spiritual Counseling – this is part psychic reading, part energy healing and part guided self discovery.

Rachel Offers:
Private Yoga Instruction &
Personal Readings – It could be channeled, It might be a message from a past relation, It will definitely include intuitive energy healing.


All of our classes encourage you to integrate your body mind and spirit.
We instruct:

  • yoga
  • personal energy development
  • energy healing
  •  spiritual evolution
  • meditation classes


We have a continually evolving selection of workshops including:

  • Whole Yoga Trainings.
  • An Introduction to Energy Healing,
  •  Beyond Energy Healing
  • Communicate with One and All.
  • Meditation.

Need advice?

We enjoy talking with you about your personal evolution

Todd's Book

Energy Work 101 is designed to help you develop your awareness of your inner-self. The exercises will help you communicate with your deepest self, the Earth and all that is. Energy Work 101 will guide you in learning your unique internal language. Your answers to; “Who am I?”,” Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose?”, “How can I be happy?” are inside of you, they are you.

Todd & Rachel's Story

Todd & Rachel’s story began with a long time yearning for like minded companionship. Both Todd & Rachel have a deep heart’s desire to assist people in becoming the most natural essence of who they are. Rachel and Todd are seekers on a quest to nourish every single aspect of their existence whether earthly or spiritual. This inquisitive and curious nature they both posses has united them and fueled them to keep diving deeper within and souring higher into all that is.  Todd and Rachel believe that together as individuals they are part of the oneness, questing in the pure potential, revealing the mysteries and sharing them with whomever comes their way. 

We can help you be yourself.

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