Energetic Mirroring

Energetic Mirroring is a Universal Flow Energy Healing Technique

It is a simple yet powerful technique, where the energy worker, the healer uses their conscious awareness as a mirror to guide you in experiencing your human energy system.

There are two basic kinds of energy healing. In one form energy is channeled through the practitioner and then into you the client. In the second form the practitioner runs his/her energy as a mirror simply reflecting your patterns and energy. In this way the facilitator minimizes the risk of encroaching on your free choice. It is up to you and your higher source whether you receive new universal energy or not. The practitioner’s job is to help you become more aware of yourself and your present patterns.

In the case of Energetic Mirroring the facilitator uses his/her energy to follow the energetic patterns of you, their client, offering you an opportunity to be more aware of how you are functioning. Energetic mirroring respects your energy system’s inherent intelligence and your natural corrective mechanisms. By maintaining clear boundaries and only following your patterns the facilitator ensures that any information or energy that you receive comes directly from your source through your higher self.

Energetic Mirroring works with human energy fields very similarly to the way CranioSacral Therapy works with body tissue. By simply following, literally shinning a light upon your energetic patterns, it is often enough to help your energy system’s inherent wisdom change stuck and stagnant patterns.

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To be a mirror the healer must be in a highly conscious, aware state. They must be able to tell the difference between mirroring and sharing energy with an individual or group. In other words the practitioner must be able to maintain their energetic boundaries so they are neither pushing energy into or pulling energy from, you.

“Even wanting someone to heal is a judgment that this is what’s best for them and a codependent energy relationship, because your wanting’s fulfillment is dependent on an outside (of yourself) event (their healing).”

The power of healing exists within you and is dependent on your conscious willingness to choose. All a practitioner can effectively do is offer an alternative way by being the example.

Energetic Mirroring can be facilitated remotely and in person.

Todd J, Cunningham, BS, CST, CMT, SER, BE

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