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Below and beyond the seeming chaos of our world is a vast reservoir of one.

I will not attempt to suggest that I know our fathom the whys and how’s of all the disruption that surrounds and engulfs us at this time. You name it, it’s happening now. What I am saying is that now as much as ever what we can do is be whole, be one, be brave enough to be love and joy rather than fear and hate and separation. I can’t even tell you whether or not our world is going through some major transition as many seem to claim. Yet, I can tell you that we are always transitioning that the nature of our world and realty is change and flow. So it is true, we must change and flow or be changed. The reality is, if we simply choose to be our truth and our love then we will change and we will be the change. This is what will happen, we will change.  The alternative is to be changed by fear and separation.

  Yes, be the change you want the world to be

You are a phenomenal creation of our reality. Your ability to transform at any moment is massive. Your resistance to change is the source of your fear. Your willingness to believe that you are lesser than, that you can’t choose your truth now, this is the source of your pain. This is why your tired, your body aches, why you can’t sleep at night. Your willingness to believe the ones who wish to program you into thinking; that you are less than extraordinary, that you have to accept the limitations of our survival world, this is your struggle and that of all your friends and neighbors.

We are all one, believe in your truth

This world is a training ground with the goal to be connected as one

  • Be the change you wish the world to be
  • You are the one you/we have been waiting for
  • You are a spirit having a human experience
  • This world is temporary
  • This world is the illusion
  • You are the eyes of God

With great reverence and  respect for ancient island tradition and modern Ho’oponopono

I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You.



Find Your Universal Yoga Flow! http://www.universalflow.org/find-your-universal-yoga-flow/ http://www.universalflow.org/find-your-universal-yoga-flow/#comments Mon, 10 Apr 2017 12:32:24 +0000 http://www.universalflow.org/?p=1468
  • We are so happy to announce that in addition to all of the wonderful nourishing goodies we have at Universal Flow, we are now also offering yoga!
  • Rachel Ann has been busy training hard with Rise Movement Yoga Studio in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. where she recently received her 200 hr. yoga teacher training certification.

    Rachel has studied the philosophy, lifestyle and benefits of yoga for many years and has now taken it to the next level.

    Yoga is a way of life that allows for and promotes balance, structure, and space not only in the body, but also in everyday activities and process. Yoga is everything – it is found in all aspects of life.

    The practice of yoga is just that, a practice.

    A true yoga practitioner is always practicing. At times diving deeper into that practice, or sometimes back tracking for another angle. Just like life. Yoga can change your whole existence! It’s a very powerful ancient tool that anyone can use to add much greater depth, purpose and awareness to life.

    Anyone can practice yoga.

    A yoga practitioner doesn’t have to be bendy, thin, balanced or young to begin. In fact, just the opposite was the case for Rachel. After a work related injury and 3 years of trying to recover, she had experienced weight gain, muscle atrophy, depression. She found herself needing something to help her out of the hole she felt like she was living in.  During that 3 year period a woman of middle age went from an active full lifestyle to times of complete stillness(due to surgery) and many moments of deep inner reflection. Being told she wouldn’t ever be able to use her body in the same capacity she was so accustomed to, Rachel being the woman of faith that she is, said, “no way(rebel)! She began focusing on the ancient teachings of yoga that she had felt so deeply in the past and decided to take it a step further. Working hard at the studio with Justin Wolfer she persevered. She can now say that yoga truly can show us the means to heal, not just our bodies, but our whole being! Yoga is a practice that she will continue to maintain her physical and mental health, but it is a practice that flows so much further. It brings us to a much deeper spiritual understanding of our self and all of our relationships.

    Yoga is what really brought Rachel back to Rachel and helped her to begin again. 

    We can always begin again and be here now.

    “If you want to turn things around, feel better, or help yourself be better balanced, I wholeheartedly recommend trying yoga.Practicing proved to me that anything can happen. Doctors told me many things I would most likely NEVER do again. Yet in a time of just over 6 weeks I
    am not only doing these activities but am thriving rather than just surviving. I am grateful for the chance to show others that anyone can try and anyone can practice and everyone can benefit!”

    We are very proud of Rachel’s hard work and dedication.

    Rachel will be available for private consult as well as group classes throughout the area and via video feed for those in distance. She currently is offering a Seva class (give back to the community class) which is every Monday evening at 5:30 pm in the Lake Placid Quality Inn conference room (entrance F). This class is a great way to try out yoga and see what it can do for you. There is no cost for this class as Rachel wants everyone to be able to at least give it a try. A list of more classes and events will be posted weekly here on Universal Flow’s web page as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

    As always thank you all for being part of the Universal Flow community. We look forward to sharing with you soon.


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    We do not Protect Our Hearts ~ Our Hearts Protect Us. http://www.universalflow.org/our-hearts-protect/ Sat, 13 Aug 2016 22:33:50 +0000 http://www.universalflow.org/?p=1247 girl-with-heart-picjumbo-comIn our western world our socially accepted understanding of heart space is backwards and therefore leads us astray. The way forward is easy we just need to turn around and look.

    Our hearts are directly linked to our Souls, our Higher Self.

    We are taught by example, if not directly, at an early age that we must protect our hearts. That our imagination is exactly that just fantasy. That our creative abilities can’t be trusted. This is exactly what people who are interested in controlling societies want you to believe. At a young age you are shown that your heart can’t be trusted because it’s emotional. You learn to control your feelings, if you show your true feelings you’ll seem weak and they’ll be used against you.

    Your heart is the seat of your soul, your connection to your higher consciousness. You cannot destroy this part of you in this realm.

    As we repeatedly expose ourselves and are ridiculed we learn to protect ourselves from this pain. We think that we need to defend and hide our feelings that this is the way to protect ourselves, our heart. This is exactly backwards. Our hearts are indestructible.  Our minds, intellects, ego these are the parts of us that are limited that are mortal, the parts of us that can be injured by social condemnation, the parts that fool us into thinking we need to hide our hearts so that we won’t feel emotional pain.

    The alternative is to realize that we’ve allowed ourselves to be tricked, few people in our world have taught us that our hearts are indestructible. They can easily endure any emotion that this physical reality has to offer and still be the same, still be our link to our source. The reason that we don’t feel this connection to our real power is that we’ve been taught to suppress it, to mistrust it.


    We’ve mistakenly learned that our hearts only lead us astray, when Actually they’re our link to our personal power.


    So what’s the way out? how do we turn this around? Well that’s the answer, invert the whole way of looking at the issue. If you want to connect with your heart, allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to be whole exactly as you are now.

    • Stop labeling what you feel, as good or bad.
    • Don’t try to fix the pain, be with it, allow it.
    • Trust that your heart is powerful that you inherently have the ability to handle any emotion that our world has to offer.
    • Develop faith that you are linked to your higher consciousness that is connected to the source of all things.

    Allow yourself to know that this connection will help you process whatever you’re being challenged with. You didn’t appear out of a void. You were created from a limitless source of knowledge, power and Love. Right now, you’re sharing your universal being with the accumulated conscious experience of the Earth who supplies you with this physical reality, your body and all of the substance that you see and feel around you.

    You cannot possibly be alone in this reality unless you deny your connection, unless you fall into the false assumption that you need to protect your source from this world! Your fear, is your separation.

    Thinking and Healing http://www.universalflow.org/thinking-and-healing/ Sun, 22 May 2016 21:14:19 +0000 http://www.universalflow.org/?p=1186 IMG_1577There is a layer beyond focus and intention, this reality exists within being and love.

    In my last entry I talked about “thinking” as our main social programming. In the western world we’re taught to speak, to communicate. Early in life we’re taught to think, that our ideas our ability to know is within our head, that we need to find evidence to back up what we’re saying. This is nearly a perfect formula to disconnect us from our spirit, our self. When we’re taught to think, we’re taught to disregard our personal experience. We aren’t taught to pursue our inner experiential world in this society. We’re taught to be rationalize to make sense of our world, we’re taught what does and doesn’t make sense. We’re taught how to think and what we should think about.

    When I was in my early forties my mother brought me a stack of report cards from my grade school years. My parents were moving from the house that my siblings and I grew up in. The report cards, from 1st – 8th grade, all contained a piece of information about me that I’d never known or been aware of. In every art class I received an A+ with a comment that read something like “Todd excels in art and his work is well beyond that of his age Group”. Now please understand that in my early forties even though I was compelled to study the healing arts and I was well on my way to realizing that I should write, I had no concept of myself as an artist or being artistically inclined or that I had any talent in creating anything. All I knew consciously about Art is that “there’s no money in it” and therefore it’s a worthless endeavor.

    I’m not trying to condemn my parents or tell you about how they mistreated me, for this is truly a worthless avenue to travel. Keep in mind that they had already been programmed to “think”, long ago and they were passing along what they’d learned to be true. I understand because by the time I was 23 and graduating from St Lawrence I too had learned to believe that there was no real value in pursuing any type of artistically creative endeavor. That was for the few weird liberal people in the Art department. Furthermore, obviously I had no real talent. Do you see how this cycle revolves?

    Why is our world this way? why are we teaching our children how and what to think? Well A) because we, ourselves were taught to think this way and B) because controlling how we think has power. You want proof! OK, well if you’re the next dictator to take over a country then the first thing you’re going to do is roundup the artists and the writers and control what they produce. Why? Well, thoughts are power because they are creative potential. If you can control a person thinking and therefore a society’s beliefs, then you control how a society functions.

    Our Real power is in being, not believing. A belief system is a limited form of being. True being doesn’t exclude any potential reality at any given time.

    Our ability to heal isn’t dependent on our ability to think, or believe, or focus affirmations. Our real power to heal exists in our willingness to be.

    For example, I have this powerful desire to help people be and yet along the way I’ve realized that I’ve been a fraud, in the sense that I have a powerful ability to intellectually understand how true trans-formative healing can happen yet I haven’t allowed myself to actually share true substance with people. Why? Fear. I’m afraid of being judged, of being ostracized, of being labeled as liberal or crunchy or a spiritual flower child or whatever. Yet this is exactly what’s stopping me from what I truly care about and that’s helping people be themselves. All my health, wealth and happiness will follow me being myself.

    So I’m going through this process and sharing my personal journey in hopes that it will help you and of course help myself.

    I’ve allowed myself to believe that I have no creative ability because I’ve allowed myself to believe the programming that says Art has no real world value. Now clearly this makes no sense at face value. I could get angry and blame my family and my school and the society around me but that truly has no real value. In fact, wallowing in self-doubt and pity is a perfectly acceptable result to the people and organizations that are interested in controlling; thought, belief, and thinking then they have me exactly where they want me. I can’t fight this system because then I am endeavoring against something and this is another acceptable outcome for the ones who think they are in charge. My only way through is to muster up the courage to be me which includes exposing all the flaws in what I’ve done in the past and therefore I can truly propel myself into my desired future.

    What am I talking about? Let me give you an example, for thousands of years our society has led a campaign that says we are the only self-aware living beings in our universe. Now this is actually preposterous yet people are afraid to speak of these ideas in our schools, in our work places, in our public arenas. This is how ideas are systematically controlled. It is ridiculous for us to assume that on this little, star dust speck, inside this tiny solar system, within a galaxy of countless galaxies, of this universe which may be one of countless others, that we are the only beings who have the ability to self-reflect. That we are the only conscious beings. It is much more likely that if we are conscious then so is the Universe and the stars, Earth etc. Yet we’re still afraid of using words like spaceship, extraterrestrial and soul. Why? Because we were taught to “think” this way.


    If we are going to heal we are going to learn to think for ourselves.

    We are going to learn to be ourselves.

    We are going to realize that our brain is not the only place where we receive or process our experiences and therefore not the place to find answers for questions like “who am I”

    We do not protect our hearts our hearts protect us. 

    Starting Over http://www.universalflow.org/starting-over/ http://www.universalflow.org/starting-over/#comments Thu, 28 Apr 2016 23:07:27 +0000 http://www.universalflow.org/?p=1177 It’s been a long time since I’ve been inspired to write an article. In the past I’ve had more ideas for articles than the physical ability to produce them. Lately I’ve stopped short every time I begin to think. Recently I’ve been realizing that, that’s exactly what the problem is, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been trying to put my experience and understanding into a format that will make rational sense. Yet, what I’ve been striving to access most of my life is beyond our ability to rationalize, beyond our ability to document and show a logical pattern, a cause and effect path.Todd Pitchoff 4-25-16

    All of my life, and I mean since I remember having this ability, this programing to think, to be able to explain my ideas I have also had a sense that there is more, that there is a vast world behind our small view of rational thinking, that there is much more to our reality and simply it is beyond explanation. It is individual and our greatest interaction with our greater universe is experiential. We have developed many words for these experiences spiritual, dreamlike, supernatural, etc. yet the words themselves suggest the existence of a world, a reality, a realm not beyond ours yet one that our experience is contained within.

    So I’ve decided to start a new approach because my old approach is not causing the effect that my inner knowing is striving for. My deepest desires are to continually share and inspire people to explore the idea that their beliefs (what they think they know) are not freeing, they are limiting. There is a world in and around our world that is astounding yet it can only be accessed through our faith and spaces that our hearts understand rather than our Todd Cunninghamminds. Don’t get me wrong, our minds are astounding and they are capable of extraordinary feats yet we are vastly limited when we determine that our intellect is the only arena in our reality, that everything that exists can be explained in a rational way. I’ve uncovered one thing for sure during my journey of self-discovery and that’s that our minds are not capable of understanding or comprehending what our hearts and our souls can do at least not in a structure where our mind continues to be the one in charge of our personal reality or remains the place where our final decisions can be made.

    The new approach is going to be an ongoing story a discussion of my experience of my path so far in attempt to inspire others that they too can go down their own path. In fact, when you surrender to the path that is predetermined that has been paved before you then you are only sacrificing one reality, your personal reality.

    So let me start at the beginning, like I was saying as long as I can remember I was aware that there was much more to be aware of than the people around me were willing to appreciate, were willing to acknowledge. Over my life it has been challenging and downright painful to be myself and not in some way or another cross a social boundary that is arbitrary that is an idea that controls the very fabric of how we are allowed to see our human existence. For example, when I was four maybe five years old we were living in Fort Hood Texas and my father had been drafted as an army doctor at the end of the Vietnam war. On this day one of the Apollo missions to the moon was being launched, we went to a neighbor’s house to see the event. Back then houses had at the most one little black and white TV and all the TV was live broadcast. After the launch a man who was our new neighbor who presumably as I remember must have invited us to see the launch, since we didn’t have a TV yet, asked me what I was going to be when I grew up. I immediately answered that I was going to fly space ships. Bear with me because this is a memory from when I was four years old, my father and other people in the room objected profusely to this answer. They adamantly professed that there were no such things as space ships, I argued that how could they know what was possible by the time I was 20 years old. How did they know that by the time I was able there still would be no space ships? At this point the anger and the fear was tangible in the room. It was very clear to me that the adults were afraid of the phrase space ship. it was clear to me that it was understood by the adults that no one was supposed to talk about spaceships and furthermore it was clear that four-year-old boys were not to challenge a roomful of adults on an army base in Texas when you were told that what you were saying couldn’t be true or possible. To the man’s credit he defended me and encouraged me to talk but at that point I hand no intention of sharing any more of my ideas.

    When I look back at this experience I now see why people were afraid of the word spaceship, it is a social reason because they were not allowed to even think of space travel let alone speak of it. To my unprogrammed four-year-old awareness it was only a small jump to go from, rockets to the moon, to spaceships.

    As I am writing I’m realizing that ever since this experience until now I’ve used my empathic abilities to search the belief systems of the group of people around me. I have been editing what I say to make sure that it is socially acceptable ever since. I thought I had broken through this when I became a ski instructor and raft guide after college but I was really just hiding. I thought I was following my own path when I went to massage school to study alternative healing but I was really just trying to fit in.Energy Work 101

    When I wrote my book Energy Work 101 I thought I was telling my own story. In ways I did but I was still trying to tell this story in the accepted social format. Therefore, this next attempt I am going to try and break the mold I am attempting to shed the shell I have been hiding under since I was four. I imagine it is going to be messy. For all of you who will be reading this in order to find proof all I can say is that you are your proof I don’t have yours. I’m only sharing my experience and trials and errors so that you may be inspired to bring your unique gifts here to Earth now, we really need them.

    Lastly for now I would like to point out the organic nature of what I’m attempting to do and therefore I’m going to leave each segment in it’s mostly raw unedited form. I’ve gone through and corrected some of the basic spelling, grammar and punctuation so that this article is more readable. What I’m attempting to illustrate now is that when I write as fast as I can with blatant disregard for spelling and punctuation I discover things. Like the fact that I’ve been editing what I say since I was four.

    Until Next Time


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    Happy Holidays ~ Enjoy http://www.universalflow.org/happy-holidays-enjoy/ Fri, 25 Dec 2015 17:58:39 +0000 http://www.universalflow.org/?p=1170 As the holidays draw close we often find ourselves reflecting on the more recent, the past year.

    Hugging Tree

    Upon reflection we often see change. The constant, the absolute, the one thing that time and again we can always count on.
    With change there can be discomfort. There can be reward. There can be confusion. There can be tremendous growth. And always, with change, there is something to learn, and to reflect on.

    So with change–there is also gratitude.

    In one year we here at Universal Flow have seen great change. We have broken down old patterns and built anew. We have let go and received. We have wept and jumped joyously.

    We have lived.

    Each experience has been a blessing. Fulfillment is what we truly have gained from all of our cycles of change. What is deemed as bad one moment can be in reflection, at years’ end, a gift. The polarities of living are daily miracles fulfilling us with new understandings of life.

    We are; living, Experiencing, Feeling.

    Thank you for being a part of our experience. Keep on changing and living and experiencing all the precious moments that are to be had.
    Todd and Rachel

    Rage Onward http://www.universalflow.org/rage-onward/ http://www.universalflow.org/rage-onward/#comments Wed, 23 Dec 2015 03:20:40 +0000 http://www.universalflow.org/?p=1166 “Do not go gentle into that good night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Do not go gentle into that good night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rage, Rage against the dying of the light” -(Dylan Thomas)


    Here we are at the solstice standstill again. Its the shortest day of the year but also the day that the world gets brighter and where the days get longer. It’s the time of year we choose to mark with festivities and celebration. Its a time where we are reminded of togetherness and a specific union with life on our beautiful living planet.

    We are fortunate to have the stories and the remains of our ancestors, and the reminders of where we have come from; without them, our modern understanding of what we are doing on Earth would likely lack concrete guidance, but it might be filled with a more evolutionary way of living that would put awareness before knowing.

    So is it that we don’t NEED these relics?

    We could likely get lost in the different influences around us and even trade our passion to experience life fully, for a limiting system of beliefs. Sure we could run from loneliness and conglomerate in the security of a local chapel or group, but when we observe what is happening naturally right in front of us and engage with active awareness, a deeper sensation of connection can be experienced. An awareness is developed around the beauty and magic of the winter solstice, and we start to shed light on why so many religions celebrated this time of year.

    What happens if we destroy artifacts that were built
    to guide us forward on an evolution that began
    millions of years ago?

    We can forget everything we have ever heard and just listen and observe the natural workings of the world we live in. Its in listening that allows learning, and it’s in knowing, that can create a belief. If we open our awareness to listening, and observing the magic around solstice we can experience togetherness with whatever it is we desire. We can experience a deeper state of satisfaction and union with our life.

    We see the sun rise every day and every 364.25 days. We re-visit the same holidays or anniversaries that we create to mark significant moments in life… Most of these yearly anniversaries are of personal significance relating to your personal life. But some hold significance on a larger scale. In fact, almost all religions, and cultures of life around the world are in ceremony or celebration around December Solstice. Popular events like Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Solstice and many other traditions are celebrated to bring us together. We surround ourselves with the comfort of the family and friends to share love, laughter, gifts, brightness, lights! We share life together, and our boundaries begin to blend as we become a true unity, a true organization of aware beings.

    If all of our traditions, relics of the past, and stories of our lineage are forgotten, we still have a natural world around us to observe and be with.

    If a person puts a simple rock on the horizon in the spot where the sun rises each day, we can see and measure, that in about 365 days, the sun returns to the same spot. If we set out our 365 stones over a year, and now watch the stars and constellations that appear to be “behind the sun”, we can see a complete circular journey through what we call the “ecliptic” or “ 12 zodiac signs”. We now know that we are on a simple circular orbit, on a rock, going around a massive Light source we call “The Sun”. We immediately recognize how every culture talks of the importance of the Sun as a reference point.

    With a simple measurement system and enough curiosity, after 72 years, a human can discover a subtle yet fascinating movement in the stars. After 72 years of putting down a rock on the mark of the solstice sunrise, we will see that it does not line up perfectly! On the 72nd year, the final rock laid down will be 1 full degree off from the original rock placement, Thankfully we as a species are intelligent, and know that things change subtly, there are no “definitive ways”, and we do not take this as an error, or coincidence, but as something to expand our views and beliefs to more possibilities regarding our place in this creation.

    This 1 degree difference tells us many things. One thing it tells is that our North Star (our compass star) changes about a degree every 72 years. Humans on Earth have had many different north stars through time! Another view suggests that there is a 26,000 year cycle of humanity to which most intelligent societies have referenced; putting all current religions and philosophies secondary to the natural awareness around December solstice.

    The December solstice is the starting and ending point of cycles, it is the reference point to life on Earth, to our history, and what we are doing on this beautiful planet. Honor it with great awareness. Let yourself become the bigger cycles that are happening on this day. Go beyond the yearly holiday, and connect in a place that is true to the core. Connect to your north star of awareness, it is a compassionate reference point we can all celebrate together, and in dark times it can be our only refuge.

    It’s at this celebratory time we are reminded of that one thing we already have in common; we’re all here, one-by one, on this one simple rock. Take awareness, push forward, remember. You are your own guide; look around. Look inside. RAGE this ancient awareness into the world as we take a very fast and very new step forward in celebrating life and union.

    This will probably be the most intense and amazing year of your life! Rage on with your light.

    “. . . . . . .Rage, Rage against the dying of the light” -(Dylan Thomas)

    Happy solstice. 🙂


    Earth to Heaven Astro-Logic(ETHAL)

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    Awareness ~ Your Power to Create http://www.universalflow.org/awareness-your-power-to-create/ Sat, 26 Sep 2015 17:33:39 +0000 http://www.universalflow.org/?p=1146 Our universe is intelligent

    Photo Jul 28, 8 34 43 PMIn other words, all that exists is derived from conscious awareness. The first thing to come from nothing is Intelligent Infinity – this is the all of the all. What if, instead of the idea that matter came first and then eventually it gained the ability to become self-aware, what if, self-awareness came first and then actually created time and space so this awareness could have a physical experience. Yes what if spirit created matter? Or what if spirit and matter are inseparable?

    I’m using this term Intelligent Infinity because God and even creation are very loaded terms at this point and they have heavy social and political attachments, arguments and disinformation surrounding them.

    My main point is, for hundreds of years our western belief system, our pursuit of knowledge has been working under the assumption that by examining the material in this world we are going to discover its truth. This is exactly backwards and yet we know what’s true. It’s a basic scientific discussion / argument; does form follow function or does function follow form.

    Let’s apply this idea to the nature of consciousness itself. Awareness does not need anything to be. The requirement for awareness is that any one individual is aware, that they are aware.

    For hundreds of years we’ve been studying form to learn of its function.

    Yet we are just discovering scientifically what has been obvious all along. That their must be a need a desire first then the form follows. It’s like building a house you first require, a need or desire for a house then you make plans, then you collect materials, then you build the house. The thing that created the house was the desire or need to have a house, it’s not really a thing it’s an awareness that becomes a pattern that the house forms around.

    For these last few hundred years we’ve been searching for our minds inside of our brains.

    Yet we know that our mind our ability to be aware must have preceded our brain. In fact the first creation to happen out of nothing must have been awareness, not a thing, since things require awareness, they must have a pattern to be formed within. Out of nothing came awareness, consciousness, intelligence which then created the need / desire for our; universe, galaxy, solar system, Earth, You, ETC.

    Your mind isn’t in your brain anymore than it is in your big toe.

    Your mind, your mind’s mind and it’s mind created your mind and then your body was created so that you could have an experience in this time / space reality, not the other way around. The point is that your being is your awareness, not your body, not your brain. Put simply, your consciousness is you and you’ve chosen at this time to have an experience in a body.

    There is a classical mental exercise in physics which goes like this: The question is which is more universally stable your computer or device your reading this article on or the plans the pattern that your computer is built around. The answer is simple, once you realize that your computer or device can easily be destroyed but yet the pattern the plans to build a new one still exists, if no where else, within our human consciousness. The idea of your computer is more stable, longer lasting, than the thing itself. The thought the awareness of your device supersedes the tangible, material object and so it goes with your consciousness. Your consciousness supersedes your body / brain it may persist even when the material no longer exists.

    If you really want health and wealth and happiness you need to feed your soul and strengthen your spirit.

    The core of your existence is not in the material of your body, it is not in some chemical storage bin in your brain. The core of you existence, your center, is within the most stable part of you, your awareness, your being. It is not tangible, you can’t hold onto it, but it is the source of your power. I’m not talking about religion I am talking about your being your truth what you know in your heart and your stomach and your toes. This truth, your truth is more important than anything you will find by searching your brain or discovering how your brain works. In fact we may have little chance in understanding how our brains function until we understand that they are not the source of our consciousness. Searching for your conscious awareness inside of your brain is like looking for this article inside of your computer or your smart device. It’s not there. If you break your phone my article will still exist. If you destroy the whole internet it will still exists within the ripples it has made in our reality.

    If you have a pull a desire for more, ……….burning inside of you then stop looking outside to fill this gap. The answers to what you desire exist within your willingness to be aware.

    If there is something in your life that you dislike and you are wishing to change then change your awareness,

    Be willing to see and feel as much truth as possible about the subject. If you allow yourself to know your truth about any given issue then you are fully aware, and when you become aware you have free choice about changing yourself and any situation you are involved with now.

    By going to the source of any issue, asking yourself, “what is true for me now?”. You regain your power to choose how you are going to react, what you are going to do and not do and therefore what action you are choosing to create next. You are connecting yourself to your source and the source of all consciousness which is the source of all things so that you can work with the infinite intelligence in creating this / your reality.

    WHO ARE YOU http://www.universalflow.org/who-are-you/ http://www.universalflow.org/who-are-you/#comments Wed, 09 Sep 2015 17:39:31 +0000 http://www.universalflow.org/?p=1135 IMG_1016We as an American society have been systematically trained to obey. We have been taught fear of speaking out from day one. The ones who break this code have been labeled “rebels,” simply because they speak their truth. Not only do they speak their truth, it runs so deeply in them that they feel no other choice than to completely live as their authentic selves.Those who are deemed as rebels are often frowned upon.

    The really good ones, you will find, are literally eliminated-thus causing more fear and less others to speak out authentically. ?

    Fortunately my mother and her father were rebellious, living authentically in the truth of who they were gifted to be. I was taught well and am grateful. This teaching was by example. It wasn’t always pretty. Some say it may not have always been right. But it was true and authentic and, of equal importance, it was heart based.

    Lets all have our truths shine brightly on the children of now and theirs of the future.

    Shed the costumes and be you!

    What do you think?

    http://www.universalflow.org/who-are-you/feed/ 1 1135
    Energy Healing Debunked or Not? http://www.universalflow.org/energy-healing-debunked/ http://www.universalflow.org/energy-healing-debunked/#comments Sun, 14 Dec 2014 11:45:38 +0000 http://www.personalgrounding.com/?p=1061 This is in response to the ongoing debate:

    Is energy healing more affective than the placebo effect?

    River of Life TherapyThe quick answer—they are the same thing.

    Therefore it’s like comparing apples to apples what you get is more apples. To compound the issue many energy healing / energy medicine practitioners are discrediting themselves.

    I’ll start with the nature of healing and therefore it’s source.

    My personal understanding of the source of us, our energy and therefore the source of

    the most effective healing is that it comes from within you. We, us and our whole universe are one. Meaning, it is all made from the same thing, it is all one source. All of us being one, originating from the same one source, is a common understanding at the core of all spiritualism and at the base of all our sciences—physics.

    Healing originates from within each individual—the source is the same.

    A proficient facilitator knows that their job isn’t to heal you. Their mission is to help you gain faith in yourself that you can and will heal. Their basis is ground in the idea that the source of all health and healing is within ones self. In other words, your best way of connecting to and communicating with the, all one, source is through yourself. This is the part of the all one that you can know best.

    First of all, lets start with our own (man’s) law.

    I believe it’s illegal in all 50 states to claim that any substance, method, or modality can heal you. This is as true for doctors as anyone else. It’s for good reason since the only way you can heal happens within yourself.

    Secondly, let’s put scientific dogma such as “it has to be scientifically proven” to bed once and for all.

    Science theorizes. Meaning all scientific ideas are theories. They are our best models of understanding now, and therefore inherently can’t be proven as fact only dis proven or improved. There you have it, nothing can be proven scientifically. The Modern scientific theory of the nature of our universe is that it is constructed from one source, one unified field of energy. all things seen and unseen are made from a single source. So, our most highly (academically acceptable) theory, on our planet, claims that us and our universe are created from frequency and vibration, which makes light, electromagnetic energy and then constructs all matter. From this we can discus, debate, argue adnauseam, yet the most highly accepted academic model is that all is made from one source.

    The skeptics of energy healing, energy medicine and spiritual teachings suggest that at best any results are a product of an overactive imagination, that the hope that any given modality will heal you produces the placebo effect. To this I say, “but of course, you are correct, the best facilitators help people reproduce the placebo effect within themselves”. Yes, the most affective energy healing and the placebo effect are the same thing with one small yet large difference. With the placebo effect the individual is tricked, if you will, into believing that the treatment they are being given is a cure for their ailments and subsequently they experience results, of all kinds; physical, mental and emotional. Between 15% to sometimes 80% of people in any control group ever studied report improvement. This is the standard that all drugs and medical treatments are measured against. Every double blind clinical study to date has shown that a percentage of people will heal because they believe the sugar pill or other placebo will heal them. The small difference with true energy healing is the claim that one can consciously tap into their own source; higher consciousness, energy, pattern, frequency, vibration and gain faith, in themselves, that they will heal. I’m not saying that’s it’s easy, this is where facilitators have a job to coach and guide a person into believing in and supporting themselves. I’m saying that it can, has and is being done.

    WebMD—What Is the Placebo Effect?    http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/what-is-the-placebo-effect

    What have we learned?

    We’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter what method you use to heal as long as it leads you to believing in yourself, you can heal.

    So for all of you who are arguing that the affects of; energy healing work, energy medicine and spiritual healing can all be accounted for by a psychological effect, I say “yes, of course, your right”. What you’ve missed is the latest, and very likely the oldest, understanding of the nature of consciousness itself.

    The outdated theory is that we human’s are conscious and aware but the rest of the universe is not.

    If we are made of the same source then it’s nonsense to say that we, us humans are aware and trees, animals, mountains, rivers, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes are not. It may be that we don’t know or are not willing to communicate with them but that doesn’t prove that they don’t know how. The belief system that humans are the only sentient beings in the multiverse is wrought with holes. This line of thinking goes as far as saying that the chemical reactions in our bodies and brains has produced an effect where we are having the illusion that we are conscious. This theory holds up until we ask one little question, “who’s having the illusion?”. The chemical’s; are made of atom’s, made of subatomic particles, made of spins of energy fields, that blink in and out of existence from one unified field of possibility and all of this is you.

    How can we be the only conscious thing in the universe and be made of that universe at the same time?

    Now, for us energy workers, my profession, my piers

    We have all the same issues as the rest of our culture. There are certainly charlatans selling snake oil at one end of the new age spectrum (no offense meant to snakes or the efficacy of their oils) and at the other are true pioneers integrating ancient wisdom with our modern understandings of our world.

    Healing From WithinOK, let’s review, healing happens within us.

    Therefore, the most highly skilled practitioners, facilitators, teachers, healers, coaches, and guides help individuals consciously experience their innate abilities to connect with and experience their connection with themselves, the all one.

    Check Out the Institute of Heart Math – http://www.heartmath.org/

    What I am saying is that it’s much more powerful to guide someone to experience and develop their own connection and communication with source and the world around them than it is to send them your way. The idea, from this perspective, that one can be a master teacher healer of this, or that modality, or special ray of light, that this can be transferred to a person is codependent and disrespectful. This transfer of energy from oneself to another leaves your client relying on your energies and it leads them away from being themselves, and it leads them into believing in a special ray or modality that can only be obtained through your special techniques. It disregards the idea that we are all spirit in a human body with our unique experience of one source. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, sending energy to another, I’m saying that it’s codependent. I’m saying that as a practitioner, if you are communicating to your clients that you have something that they don’t already have themselves that you are leading them away from discovering their own inner power.

    This is a spiritual endeavor—for what word do we have to better describe the connection between and within all things seen and unseen.

    Personally I believe that the purest, most efficient use of my extrasensory perceptions is to use mine to show other people that they have their own abilities, rather than suggesting that I have a special skill or energy that’s only available through me, my teachings or my methods. In other words the highest use of my skills, of sensing peoples energies and energetic systems, lies in helping them learn how to communicate with their higher-self and source itself.

    The idea of special rays, attunements and certifications are doing more damage to the integrity of energy healing and energy medicine professionals than are the skeptics. This issue does not lie within the validity of any one modality or practice but rather within the intention of how it’s used. There are no special rays or energy because we are made of the same source and it is all available to all of us. No one can attune you to a frequency or source that isn’t already available inside of you. What certification can you possibly give to one who is already a cosmic being. A true facilitator who really knows that we are all one is going to lead their followers to connect, communicate, and experience for themselves, rather than telling them that they have a special technique that they the practitioner can certify them in.

    This is a good sales pitch and an old paradigm

    Telling your client that you have practices and techniques that can help them connect with their own source and communicate with their own universal truth is much different than saying you have a special modality or technique that no one else has. The latter is an old paradigm trying to control the information. The statement immediately contradicts itself. Similarly, saying that all the results of energy healing are a product of the placebo effect actually validates exceptional facilitation rather than disproving it’s efficacy.

    Read our article: Boundaries, Permission and Free Choice

    So what have we learned so far about how we heal?

    1) The universe is all one source. We, everything, is made from the same stuff. Science, most religions, and models of energy healing agree on this if you look closely.

    2) All healing occurs and is initiated within an individual not an outside force or substance. Science, most new, and ancient practices agree.

    3) Since the universe is all one thing and we humans are conscious and aware, then our universe probably is sentient as well. New science, new age thinking, and ancient teachings seem to agree.

    We then know that we can consciously learn to be more aware and heal. Science has shown this with the placebo effect. Everyone knows one way or the other that your outlook, your faith in yourself, has a direct affect on your being and reality.

    Personally, I choose to use my abilities of extrasensory perception to help others connect with themselves, rather than distorting myself into believing that I’m meant to heal someone else. Which leads to the idea that we are not the masters of our world, we are our world and our world is us.

    As an energy healer I am fully aware that I am meant to help individuals connect to their own source of energy rather than concluding that they need me to direct my connection with source towards them. All healing exists within the realm of understanding; that we heal from within, that what we experience outside of ourselves can be found within us.

    Now that I’ve opened this can of worms, I encourage and welcome all comments (no dislike for worms implied or intended). I think this dialogue may help us all reveal our truth. In the interest of keeping this conversation constructive, I remind you that you are free to say whatever you please. I also remind you that you are liable both universally and within (Hu)man’s law for your actions. I request that this discussion refrain from profanities and vulgarities or personal insults and judgments. They will be omitted.

    Than You
    With great respect and reverence for All
    BE Well
    Todd J, Cunningham – Author “Energy Work 101”

    http://www.universalflow.org/energy-healing-debunked/feed/ 2 1061