Developing Your Personal Energy Medicine

“Developing Your Personal Energy Medicine” – is a guided  journey of becoming more conscious and aware.

During this process you will learn to:

  • Ground and balance your energy fields
  • Consciously connect with your higher source
  • Strengthen your awareness of the extrasensory information you naturally receive

This is a three month, personal energy wellness, training program, you will learn to:

  • be aware of your highest source and connect with Earth consciousness
  • be conscious of “what is true for you now”
  • Use your new conscious awareness to create your happy, healthy, and wealthy lifestyle

The program consists of twelve weekly one hour  sessions with Todd Cunningham

  • Week (1) – Aligning with your higher consciousness
  • Week (2) – Becoming aware of the language of your energy fields
  • Week (3) – Practicing non-judgement with yourself
  • Week (4) – Examining your emotional relationship with yourself
  • Week (5) – Becoming aware of your personal energetic boundaries
  • Week (6) – Becoming aware of your social energetic boundaries
  • Week (7) – Gaining your faith in yourself
  • Week (8) – Examining your belief systems and if they serve you now
  • Week (9) – Discovering what you will be happy with
  • Week (10) – Learning your own intuitive language
  • Week (11) – Developing your personal energy wellness practice
  • Week (12) –  Reviewing and refining your personal energy wellness practice.
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