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Distance Healing and Remote Energy Healing

Remote Energy HealingRemote Healing Sessions are identical to Todd’s Private Healing and Energy Wellness Coaching except for Todd and his client being in separate locations.

The results and goals are also the same as those described on the Energy Healing, Private Healing and Energy Wellness Coaching pages.

There are many advantages to doing phone and internet energy healing and advising sessions.

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First of all, you can be in a comfortable and familiar environment of your own choosing. It is very important to provide yourself with a supportive comfortable setting while you are accessing parts of yourself that you have not been conscious of in the past. In ways this is the best of both worlds—it is true that there is no substitute for direct human contact, we all need it—that being said, at times it can be very advantageous to have your  private physical space while at the same time having access to a facilitator who is adept at helping you connect with your higher sources of information.

Secondly, remote and distance healing is affordable and convenient for all participants, scheduling is easy and not needing to travel has economical and environmental benefits.

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How Does Remote Healing and Distance Healing Work?

In short remote healing and distance healing work exactly the same way as if all participants were in the same physical space. Because everything in our universe including people emanate from the same source a practiced healer has the ability to sense your energy from any distance. Said another way our universe is multidimensional and all people and things exist within the same space therefore there really is no distance between us.  This means that the facilitator has developed the ability to locate your frequencies and patterning within their physical location, with your conscious permission of course. In Todd’s case he describes it as if each person were a television station and all he needs to do is tune himself to your station. (see the article Boundaries, Permission and Free Choice, about maintaining personal boundaries and respecting universal individual free choice).

Why Use the Phone or any Other Digital Media At All?

OK, so it is true that we live in a multidimensional universe, it is true that we, our Earth and our universe are all made from one source, it is true that through this all one source we can access and communicate with any individual part of the rest of the whole. So, it is true that a talented practitioner can facilitate healing from a distance without any form of modern communication.

It’s also true that in our individual physical awareness here on Earth, in general, we are mostly conscious of four dimensions. These dimensions can be represented as North and South, East an West, Up and Down and Time.

“From my experience—even though I can practice my healing art without the benefits of “modern” communication—having the ability to talk with a person live greatly enhances their ability to process a remote healing.” –Todd Cunningham.

The ability to communicate especially hearing each others voice will help Todd and you stay focused and it will help the parts of both of you that live in our four dimensional world, process the session and experience.

How to schedule a remote healing session

The first thing Todd will do is confirm that he has your permission to facilitate you including communicating with your higher sources of information. Having and giving permission are very important when the goal is to increase your conscious awareness. See the article (Boundaries, Permission and Free Choice).

Todd has two types of Remote Healing Sessions

You can choose Energy Wellness Coaching where Todd will use Personal Grounding Techniques, Conscious Language, and Personal Awareness and Inventory Techniques to help you consciously connect with your higher self, and your soul awareness. Through this process you will learn your unique universal language.

You can choose to have a Remote Energy Healing Session where Todd may use many of these same techniques plus work with your energetic system as if your were on his treatment table. You will be required to be lying down if you choose a Remote Energy Healing Session.

The rest of what happens is unique and personal and will show itself during the course of the session. It is best to be prepared to not Judge or try to fix the experiences you have while you participate in any type of energy healing work. The most productive approach is to prepare yourself to become consciously aware of—what is true for you now.

How To Prepare Yourself

You will need a private comfortable space with the chosen form of digital communication available. Have water available, your system will use water during this process. Have pens and paper or some way to record things that you will learn during your session (this does not mean that you need to record your session, your subconscious will do this for you). Make sure to schedule enough free time after your session so that you can integrate and re-enter your every day life with peace and relaxation.
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