Private Energy Healing Session

What to expect during your energy healing session

First of all, you are your own healer.

Todd will start by grounding and centering his energy system. This includes reaffirming that you and he both originate from the source of our universe of light and love of and that he is here  to facilitate whatever is best for your; highest good, highest joy, and highest potential.

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Next, Todd will use himself (all levels of his energy and awareness)  as a mirror to follow the physical, mental, emotional, and ethereal patterns he perceives within your system. He will not try to change or alter these patterns in any way. His main purpose is to help you and your subconscious systems become more aware of your present state of being. Your increased awareness, natural corrective mechanisms, and internal intelligence will do all of the changing and balancing. There is no need for Todd to make any changes within you. The changing is done between you (your conscious choices), your subconscious, universal consciousness, and our Earth.

Finally, Todd will monitor and maintain his; physical , mental, emotional, and spiritual boundaries to insure that he is not attaching to your energy patterns or pushing and trying to “fix” your systems.

(Read the article “ Boundaries, Permission and Free Choice”)

“We are consciousness and our willingness to be aware of what is true for us now, to know ourselves, will heal us.”

energy Healing

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