Andrew Wilson

Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson practices Shamanic Astrology

Shamanic Astrology uses all of your astrological aspects as a window into understanding your true self. Andrew calls his practice Earth to Heaven Astro-Logic. With years of experience, he provides a safe ceremonial space for your consultation.

An “Astrology reading” is a translation of time and space from the moment you were born into this world.

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Anyone can get a reading.

Andrew will guide you through a journey of your complete self, touching on strengths, weaknesses, wounds, talents, and even possible futures. A reading can unlock codes within you, that give you an opportunity to grow and release trauma. Helping you find new views and perspectives of your finances, business and relationship issues.

Andrew’s goal is to help people expand their conscious understanding of their lives and life in general. To do this he centers his readings around the ancient Hermetic Teachings—that which is above is also below, that which is within, also lies without.

“I want to bring people to their core, to the trunk of the tree of life where all nutrients exist and eventually fill them enough to feed their branches. I would like to see a world that looks within for answers. All the while finding balance with using external tools to aid in their process>” —Andrew Wilson

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